Hey Jac, it’s mom.

I’m proud to have you as my daughter.

The first thing you need to know, baby girl, is that my love for you has only grown exponentially the more I understand who you were. My respect for you, after contemplating everything you were forced to endure during your substance use and resulting death, is immeasurable.

I’m honoured that you choose to teach me. You understood my absence in your life and my keeping family away from you when you were using.

You comprehended my ignorance. You knew my fear; you looked beyond the stigma, the shame I subjected you to. You tolerated my apathy.

Uncle John died earlier this year by opioid overdose too. Even after everything I’ve learned through my experience with you, he too was too ashamed, too stigmatized to reach out when he needed help the most. It broke me. Hold him for me please and don’t let him be lonely and alone up there.

Just know that my love for you is endless - no matter what!

Mom xoxo